If LinkedIn has long been part of your firm’s social strategy then changes to the platform’s company pages – of which there are close to 5 million worldwide – will not have slipped under your radar.

Nor should they have – we all know LinkedIn is a great place to make connections, generate leads, share your business story and engage with potential clients and customers.

The changes, currently mid roll-hout, are designed to do all that LinkedIn’s company pages did before – but in a way that’s much easier and enjoyable for the admin and the audience.

So what’s changed?

  • The all-new admin view gets a big thumbs up from us and seems to be the key focus to the change. It’s a great addition for all those who manage the company page making it much easier to edit content, publish and follow posts, and you can monitor analytics and notifications – all in one place. Eh, Voila!LinkedIn company page

  • Monitoring and analysing the numbers is a core tenet of all social strategies and with a newly expanded analytics dashboard the changes mean it’s easier now to measure the resonance of your content and impact of your performance. Each published update will also allow you to access an analytics snapshot in the news feedlkblog3

  • You can switch between viewing as an admin and ‘member view’, giving you the same experience as your followers.

  • There’s a revised emphasis on images and the page has a ‘news’ type feel. Everything feels sharper and cleaner.

  • Nuts and bolts wise, the recommended size for the cover image is now 1536×768 pixels and the minimum logo size is 300×300 pixels.

What’s stayed the same?

  • The old layout has not yet left us and in the here and now you can switch back and forth between the new and old admin experience. LinkedIn will automatically migrate existing page content over to the new Company Page.

  • You can still sponsor content and post jobs.

  • You can still create showcase pages

  • Quite a lot really……

The main thrust of the changes would appear to be on the admin experience.

That’s great news for social media managers everywhere.

Admins are able to easily check post performance and engagement while providing the audience with a concise, easy to ingest overview of your company.

What do you think of the updates? We’d love to know what you like most and/or least?