Understanding what public relations can do for your business or brand and how it functions differently to advertising is not always grasped fully.

Clients have told us this.

In the proverbial nutshell: advertising is paid for space to promote your product or brand directly to the consumer.

It’s that simple – but it has its pitfalls.

Think about your own experiences as you’ve skimmed through a newspaper, magazine or website and consider how you react to advertising.

As consumers, we tend to be wary of advertising – put off by its blatant attempts to force us into a purchase

Successful ad campaigns usually need to be highly targeted and sustained over a period of time. Hence, businesses can be wary because of cost and perceived ineffectiveness.

Bill Gates PR quote

Every company, brand and product has a story to tell.

When you read that story in an article, hear it on radio or watch on TV, research shows you are much more likely to pay attention than you are to advertising.

Most PR campaigns work not to garner mass sales overnight.

Instead the goal is to garner strategic editorial coverage that leads to increased brand awareness, trust, credibility and recognition.

At PR Team we help give your story credibility via editorial endorsement.

We further leverage your story by combining our PR campaigns via traditional channels with our content marketing on digital platforms, on social media, via blogging and by reaching out to your audience via email marketing.

It’s the complete package to tell your story AND have customers pay attention.

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