When your company scores that all important media coverage it’s vital you maximise its impact.

Your social channels are an easy and ideal way to do this.

Social lets you promote your coverage to as wide an audience as possible, boost your influence and make new contacts.

Your first savvy – and obvious – move is to share the content on all of your company platforms.

It’s an easy way of pushing the coverage in front of your audience.

Tag and mention the publication and/or writer – it’s not just nice to say thank you but it should also grab the attention of those at the publication and allow them the opportunity to comment or reshare and add to the reach.


You’ll also want to find all others who have already engaged with the content.

Finding people who have shared the content – you can do this here – and engaging with them is a great way of further boosting the reach and networking on social.

You can reshare and thank those who have engaged or even add to the discussion around the content. All your efforts should focus on keeping the content alive and sparking further conversation.

Don’t forget to check the publisher’s social channels – they will also be working to promote the content on their social platforms.

This gives you a chance to like, comment, share or retweet, while letting the publisher know you are actively involved with their social coverage – and it further boosts the reach of the content.

You’ll also want to link to the content via other digital, non social platforms – add it to your website, to email marketing etc to further maximise the impact.

Finally, if you are involved in Linkedin or Facebook groups, drop the link into any discussions where it’s appropriate to do so but be smart and never spam!

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