A new year is a great time for every small business to reevaluate their social media strategies and goals.

It’s the perfect time to learn the lessons and build on the successes of the year that’s been.

At PR Team we’re energised for the year ahead. So much so, that we’ve put together our social media tips for your business in the 12 months ahead.

1 Behave like a digital native

You can never afford to see your social media presence as an add on, something you’ll get round too when the proper work is done. This is where you talk to your loyal customers, where you build an audience and where you get across the voice and values of your business. Make ‘Plan, post, react and engage’ your social media mantra.

2 Think smart – phone

Desktops are so last century, laptops so ten years ago, and as for tablets? The amount of content being consumed on smartphones has been growing and growing, and will only continue to grow. Plan your content for the smartphone audience. If you create video think square, think subtitles and think quality over quantity – 30 seconds is spot on the money

3 Get Visual

The importance of visuals can not be underestimated – always use high quality, bright and engaging images, optimised for the social platform you are using them on.

4 Think shareable

Sharing is the ultimate nod of approval to the quality of your post – the audience has viewed, consumed, engaged and are compelled to pass it on.

And that’s good news for your business. When people care, they share. Try to plan content that makes people want to pass it on, that they want others to see. Be positive in your themes, strive for content that reflects well on those who will view it.

5 Look at the numbers

You wouldn’t pursue any business strategy without having a clear results measurement. Social media use generates a wealth of audience data waiting for you to analyse. Looking at the likes, comments and shares, engaged time, video views etc, will let you see what chimes most with your audience – and allows you to tweak under-performing content or work to recreate the themes and tone of successful posts

Talk to us today if you want to explore how PR, social and digital media and content creation can help you do business.