It’s been a tough decade or two for traditional media amid the all-encompassing proliferation of social and digital.

Here at PR Team we place considered emphasis on maximising social and digital media for your brand but we also realise the importance of traditional news platforms.

In the millennial-driven, digital noise of the information age we can understand why a client asks for help to have their story told via more traditional means.

Traditional media coverage still matters.

Here’s (at least partly) why……

We love trusted sources of information. When the story is well balanced and positive, clients love to see their name in print – it gives their brand/copy something tangible and real.

A traditional news outlet satisfies that inherent human craving for clarity, for understanding of topics you either don’t know enough about or have become too confused over due to information overload.

We love well researched, balanced reporting often in which complex issues are simplified.

Traditional media brands we know and trust do just that. And, almost reassuringly, they do it time and time again.

We swerve the headlines and sound bites of social media for a thorough read on trusted news brands – outlets that have, over the years, nurtured and targeted their audiences.

Think about this for a second – traditional media still accounts for 50% of all media consumption in the UK. In Ireland around three million people a day – four out of every five adults – read a newspaper.

That’s a lot of validated, trusted, authoritative and targeted exposure for your content. The source of information still matters.

However traditional and digital are not mutually exclusive – traditional news brands have been racing to capture their share of the digital and mobile markets over recent years.

Without using both you’ll be limiting your success.

New channels, direct audience engagement and instant feedback have been opened up by digital and social but there is still a very central role for the more traditional media outlets.