It was once the domain of the expert but live video streaming is now within everyone’s grasp – and it’s a great way of increasing your social media reach and engagement.

Launched in January 2016, Facebook Live made easy-to-use live streaming just a click of a button away from its one billion plus users.

And boy, do social audiences love video – and as users yearn for more access to brands and business, it’s the ideal way to ignite your page and inspire your audience.

The audience loves video and Facebook loves video too. In fact Facebook loves it so much it gives it priority over other forms of content.

The possibilities for businesses are endless and we’ll outline some of the easiest and most engaging ways to score streaming success.

If you are not familiar with Facebook Live, here’s some of the reasons why it’s fast becoming the live streaming tool of choice.

  1. You’re broadcasting live – there’s no lengthy shooting or editing process. You are saving hours.
  2. No need for any external apps – you’re but a click of a button away from connecting with your fans.
  3. As you broadcast, you’ll see who’s watching, their responses and comments.
  4. And once you’re finished, the video will save to your timeline automatically. From there you can share on your other social channels.

So why should business get involved? Put simply, live streaming is the ultimate means of breaking down barriers, connecting and engaging with your audience in real time. This is the real deal, as authentic and transparent as you can get.

It opens up a world of possibilities way beyond what we list below. If you’re ready to dip the proverbial toe into the Facebook Live waters, here’s a few solid places to start.

Promoting events and event coverage: Hosting a conference, expo or major industry event? Start way before the event and post that you have an announcement to make – then make that announcement live, giving all the details
Then, on the day of the event, you have the ability to take real time events to an audience way beyond those in the room.
Always remember at every stage to engage with your audience, involve them, answer questions, flag up comments.


Behind the scenes: We all love a look at what’s normally off limits. You might share how a product is made, how an event is put together or how chef rustles up that award-winning dish. Let us see how the wheels of your brand/business turn. Share the process. Social audiences love a never seen before view.


Sneak peek/Product launch: Just taken delivery of a spanking new product that’s not hit your shelves or your online store yet? Tease the audience with a sneak peak, create a buzz around your brand. Then point them towards how to buy.


Staff interviews: Business are nothing without the people at their core and there’s nothing that a social audience loves more than to connect with people. Interview the team, detail what they do and how they contribute, let them tell their story and field questions. It might be that your audience is keen to know how to break into your industry, the skills and competencies required. Here’s a great opportunity to find out from the people that are doing just that.


Hold a Q&A: You are the expert in your field – here’s the chance to answer the most frequently asked questions by your customers and clients. Identify the questions that come up over and over again, then open it up to the audience. And when you are done you’ll have an archived FAQ session the audience can readily refer to.


We’ve already mentioned Facebook Live is but the touch of a button away and you’ll need no additional equipment – though this is alway an option if you wish to add to video and audio quality.

We’ll leave you with this by way of putting its merits into perspective . . . people spend 3 times longer watching live video than they do watching native video on Facebook.

Already using Facebook Live for business? We’d love to hear your success stories, leave a comment below.