How to maximise the impact of your media coverage online

When your company scores that all important media coverage it’s vital you maximise its impact. Your social channels are an easy and ideal way to do this.

Five free social media tools that will save you time and money

It’s likely that your businesses is investing more and more in social media, both in terms of resource and spend. With that in mind and because we all love free stuff, here’s five of our favourite free social media tools that will save your business time and money. Landscape Visuals are central to any social [...]

Public Relations v Advertising – explaining the difference

Public Relations is a disciplined approach that works to influence public behaviour and opinion around your company.

Traditional media matters still

At PR Team we place considered emphasis on maximising social and digital media for your brand but we also realise the importance of traditional news platforms.

Social media content – Putting sharing at centre of your strategy

Shareability puts the social in social media. It’s the ultimate nod of approval to the quality of your post - the audience has viewed, consumed, engaged and are compelled to pass it on. And that’s good news for your organisation. Getting the shareability right means greater exposure for your brand. It means your message is [...]

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Facebook automated video captioning roll out is here…and we love it!!

No more awkward SRT files, no more silent movies. You’re one ‘generate’ button click away from easy to read Facebook video subtitles.

How to write a perfect press release

Writing a press release that appeals to journalists and editors is still a key element of any public relations strategy. In a digital era of continuous communication with customers and clients, the effectiveness of the press release endures. It also remains that journalists are swamped daily with a torrent of pitches on potential stories. Crafting [...]

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Facebook Live and why it matters to your business

It was once the domain of the expert but live video streaming is now within everyone’s grasp - and it’s a great way of increasing your social media reach and engagement. Launched in January 2016, Facebook Live made easy-to-use live streaming just a click of a button away from its one billion plus users. And [...]

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